Our Founder

The school is a privately managed institute. It is being managed by a board of directions under the chairmanship of S. Joginder Singh ji Kandhari who is a well-known industrialist. He is endowed with tremendous pluck and perceptive vision which has enabled him to scale the dizzy heights in his chosen field. He is connected with various social organisations, and is a man of charitable disposition.

The co-operative of the people of Patiala is of utmost importance to the management and the project is designed for the welfare of the public. Management extend best wishes to parents, students, general public and the school staff.

“Children’s are living beings-more living than people who have built shells of habit around themselves. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary for their mental health and development that they should not have ‘mere school’ for their lessons, but a world guiding spirit is personal.”

M.D’s Message

We, at S. Teja Singh Kandhari Public School, truly believe that though education is a life long process, it must develop from a firm foundation. The school aims to imbibe in the students, a love for learning and inculcate in them a desire to excel at every level. A healthy competitive atmosphere is ascertained in the school where each student is given personal attention and scope to discover his talent, develop it and then display it. The students are so molded that they are capable of serving their motherland with dedication and devotion and are fit to lead others by their own example.

Mr. Harmeet Singh Kandhari

Managing Director

Principal’s Message

We aim as a school, to develop all aspects of the individual student and to provide an education that is relevant to his/ her needs and which will prepare him/ her for life and living in the modern world.

Our students are encouraged to participate to the fullest possible extents in the social, physical and cultural activities of the school so that o completion of their formal second level of education, they may emerge as self -disciplined, responsible and well-adjusted citizens, capable of playing an active and positive role in modern society.


Ms. Preeti Duggal