History and Profile:

Teja Singh Kandhari Public School came in to being on 13th April, 1993, in Patiala, a city known patronizing education.

The school was founded by Late S. Joginder Singh ji Kandhari in the memory of his father, Late S. Teja Singh ji Kandhari. S. Joginder Singh ji Kandhari, a well-known industrialist, was endowed with a perceptive vision, which enable him to scale dizzy heights in his chosen field. He is a man connected with various social organizations and was of charitable disposition. He started the school with the objective of giving back to society what he had gained from it. This school is affiliated to the Central Board of  Secondary Education (CBSE) which is the largest education Board in the country, with over 5000 schools as its members.

The School is a co- educational school, with approximately 1000 students on its roles.

The objective of the school is to integrate quality with quantity and to provide thorough and sound education to its students.

We, at S.Teja Singh Kandhari Public School truly believe that though education is a life long process, it must develop from a firm foundation. The school aims to imbibe in the students, a love for learning and inculcate in them a desire to excel at every level.

A healthy, competitive atmosphere is ascertained in the school where each student is giving personal attention and scope to discover his talent. Develop it and then display it. The students are so moulded that they are capable of serving their motherland with dedication and devotion and are fit to lead other by their own example.

Social and moral values are ingrained in the students and are supplemented by actual participation in social work.

This prospectus is designed to provide necessary information to parents, regarding the aims and objectives, syllabi, course of study, facilities to children and other vital information. Parents are welcome to visit the school during working hours for any other information they desire.


The school provides very healthy and clean environment to young children. Th building is spacious, airy and well lighted. The school programme has been designed to give children practice and confidence in language learning. English is the medium of instruction and its teaching is imparted by qualified and experienced staff with the help of suitable audio- visual aids. There are only a limited number of students in each class to enable the teacher to give personal attention to each student.


The school aims to combine best education and co-curricular activities to bring out the very best in the child. The aim of the school is to impart all round education, so as to equip the child mentally, physically and culturally, become a worthy citizen of free India and serve the nation with humanity, dedication, honesty and sacrifice.


Quality education is being provided to all the students of the school. Instead of teachers, we have education facilitators who impart multidirectional instructions and nurture students without the phobia of examination and homework. Development of both oral and written expression is stressed upon. The homework aims at providing hands on experience and are activity oriented.